"The best fertilizer is the farmer's footsteps" - Chinese Proverb

At Mission-Trail we are fruit growers first and believe the best juice is made from the best fruit. Growing-up in the wine industry, Victor and Monte understand that it all begins with selecting the highest quality fruit, which in turn will make the finest product. The harder way will make the better product, and we think you will agree when you try our jerkum, perry, mead, and wine.

All of our fruit is the same quality you would find at your local farmers market. We do not buy fruit from corporate farms. Our styles are made with fruit that comes straight from the orchards, once per year as nature intended.

After hand-picking, we hand-wash and hand-sort each piece to ensure only the best of the best are put through to the cold-press before fermentation. This is a tedious process and by taking these steps we are assured of the freshest and most balanced juice possible.

We are dedicated to conservation and careful use of our natural resources in our farming techniques, ensuring the healthiest growth of our fruit.

We believe in providing you with the best quality Jerkum, Perry, Mead, and Wine possible, and it all begins with the fruit we choose to use and our process to highlight the purity of the fruit. We'll be confident you can taste the difference.