"The best fertilizer is the farmer's footsteps" - Chinese Proverb

At Mission-Trail we are fruit growers first and believe the best cider is made from the best fruit. Growing up in the ultra-premium wine industry, Victor and Monte understand that the finest fruit makes the finest juice, which in turn makes the finest product. We don't source our fruit based on what is readily or cheaply available. The harder way will make the better product, and we think you will agree when you try our cider.

All of our fruit is the same quality you would find at your local farmers market. We do not buy fruit from corporate packing houses that has been sitting in cold-storage for six months. Our ciders are made with fruit that comes straight from the orchards, once per year.

Mission-Trail uses incredibly unique varietals in all of our products: 29 heirloom apple varietals in our champagne apple cider, 14 red-flesh plums in the plum cider, and high mountain California pears for our perry.

After hand-picking each ripe piece of fruit, we hand wash and hand sort each piece to ensure only the best of the best are put through the cold-press before fermentation. This is a tedious process but by taking these steps, we guarantee the freshest and crispest juice possible.

At our farm in Bradley, California we have diverse orchards of apples, plums, pears, among a serious mountain vineyard of wine-grapes. For apples, we grow: Gravenstein, Arkansas Black, Winter Bananna, Royal Empire, Golden Russet, Golden Delicious, Pink Pearl, Northern Spy, Rome Beauty, Red Gravenstein, Niedzwetzkyana, Wickson Crab, among many other heirloom varietals. We are dedicated to conservation and careful use of our natural resources in our farming techniques, ensuring the healthiest growth of our fruit.

We believe in providing you with the best quality ciders ever made, and it all begins with the fruit we choose to use. We'll be confident you can taste the difference.